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Warrior up, build your cardboard costume and pre-pare yourselves for our next Battle!


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Box Wars Australia
Formed 1/26/2003

Box Wars Canada
Formed 12/12/2004

Box Wars UK & Country
Formed 10/2005






Boxwars started in Melbourne Australia on Januray 26th 2003. Since that time it has branched out into other countries with official chapters to become an international phenomenon. Canadian rocker Skull Man runs the official Canadian chapter of Box Wars with a Metal Cardboard Fist. Titled “Skull Man’s Box Wars”, our headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The way Skull Man’s Box Wars works is that every Box Warrior builds their own costumes, armour and weapons from cardboard and tape following our rules and guidelines. The purpose of this performance art exhibition is to destroy your opponent’s upper body / torso armour before they destroy yours. Once your upper body armour is destroyed then you are out of the game.

Skull Man’s Box Wars is all about showcasing the everlasting battles of good versus evil. The Skull Man Chapter focuses mainly on team battles with all players belonging to a designated team upon arrival. Typically, we have 2 teams performing against each other (sometimes we have 2 or more teams joining forces). One team represents good (Skull Man Rockers with Jason and the Argonauts etc), The opponents represent evil (Mutated Monsters or the Evil Aliens from Planet X etc).

The battles are fierce, intense and sheer chaos. We emphasize safety and control and all performers agree to the rules before each battle. We do not tolerate any scumbag behavior we deem as “greasy or slimy”. The battles resemble “Braveheart” and “Lord of the Rings” in terms of their sheer excitement and by the bravery displayed by Box Warriors. Sometimes we have small team skirmishes, and other times we have large-scale battles. Since we stress that Skull Man’s Box Wars is team performance art, everyone either wins or loses as a team. All in all, Skull Man’s Box Wars is about having fun, battling with honour for the glory of victory

You could call Skull Man’s Box Wars a form of performance art, or even a cross between an extreme sport and theatre. Each Box Warrior has a unique character that you design, build and create yourself. Each team also has a story, theme and purpose. The Skull Man Rockers fight for the preservation of Metal music and for the protection of the city; The Argonauts fight for their goddess Hera; The Evil Aliens from Planet X want to take over other planets including Earth. So besides emphasizing good versus evil, we also include a lot of fantasy aspects and unique story elements to Skull Man’s Box Wars, making us a unique and entertaining spectacle.