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Warrior up, build your cardboard costume and pre-pare yourselves for our next Battle!


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Box Wars Australia
Formed 1/26/2003

Box Wars Canada
Formed 12/12/2004

Box Wars UK & Country
Formed 10/2005





What you need:

Before you are allowed to play the game, you have to build yourself a cardboard suit of armour and a cardboard weapon. At the very least your armor must cover your entire upper body / torso. If you want to make yourself stand out more, then you should expand your armour to your legs, arms and head. Your weapon should be sturdy, but not hard or sharp.

When you arrive:

When you arrive on location you must first sign in. After you have signed in, your armour and weapons are checked and approved before you are allowed to play. Once approved you will suit up and be assigned to a team for battle. If you arrive with your own team we will allow you to join forces with another team. Before we start the game we recite our rules and regulations to make sure everyone follows them. Then the battle starts.

Object of the battle performance:

The purpose in battle is to destroy your opponents’ upper body / torso armour. If a bit of your upper body armour still remains intact, then you are still in the game. You attack your opponents with your cardboard weapon, but, if you drop your weapon then you are allowed to pick something up from the ground to use, or you can battle with your hands. When all of your upper armour is ripped off then you leave the battle field and you are out of the game. The battle continues until one team is left standing with their armour intact. Battles are fast and furious. You could find yourself battling anywhere from one to multiple opponents at a time! The game and how we play is all about extreme fun and unleashing ones creativity. Everyone plays fair with control and safety. We battle with honour for the glory of victory. No one is out to hurt anyone and we enforce our rules very strictly. Check out our official rules by clicking here.

Rules of the battle performance:

The following rules of battle are meant for your safety and are designed to allow all participants to have fun and be mindful of others. We enforce these rules strictly and you will be taken out of battle should you break any rules. If a warning is not sufficient, we will disqualify you and you may never be allowed to battle again. All players are responsible and accountable to themselves. We are not liable for personal injury. If you break a rule, you are subject to removal from the game.

1) Do not be greasy! Fight with honor and respect. NO KICKING, NO PUNCHING, NO CHOKE HOLDS. You attack with your cardboard weapon. If you lose your weapon, you can begin to rip costumes with your hands. Body checking and pushing is ok, as long as it’s not too rough.

2) Only body parts covered with cardboard can be hit. Absolutely NO hitting to the head, face, crotch or from behind. Even if the Box Warrior is wearing a helmet, that doesn't mean you can hit his head.

3) If a box warrior falls down, he must be allowed to get up. You cannot attack a fallen box warrior.

4) No stealing other people’s weapons. Extra weapons are allowed but remain outside the battlefield that can only be used by the owner. If you have a squire, he may hold on to your extra weapons for you. BUT if any box warrior drops and leaves his weapon on the battlefield then you are allowed to pick it up and use it.

5) If someone yells, “OUT”, then he/she is out of the battle and cannot be attacked. When your costume is destroyed or, you have had enough, you must walk off the battlefield. Your costume is considered destroyed when your upper body is ripped off.

6) The final rule is be as safe as you can, have fun and battle with honour. At the end of the battle every box warrior takes away their own cardboard or an equal amount to be recycled