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Warrior up, build your cardboard costume and pre-pare yourselves for our next Battle!


We have no events at this time.


Box Wars Australia
Formed 1/26/2003

Box Wars Canada
Formed 12/12/2004

Box Wars UK & Country
Formed 10/2005






Do you have a good character?

Do you crave adventure?

Do you like a challenge?

Do you have the courage to wield a cardboard weapon in battle?

Do you want to live forever?

If you said yes to any of these points and are 18 years of age or older then we want YOU for Skull Man's Box Wars! Go to the mailing list to sign up.

We need you to build up your cardboard armour and weapons people, because a BOX WAR can break out at any time, any place! We would much rather have peace, but unfortunately there are Evil Aliens, Vile Monsters, destructive beings and putrid scumbags, that do not want peace. Someone has to fight them off. And you could be one of those people! Evil in today’s society is more then a minor problem here people! It’s in our schools, it’s on the streets and it’s in our workplaces. Who’s to say that the shitty person walking by you throwing his or her garbage on the ground is not an Evil Alien trying to pollute the land? Who’s to say that the person cutting you of in traffic is not an evil demon and who’s to say that the person you once knew has now gone over to the dark side with intent to bring anarchy to society? How many Evil beings in disguise do you think you have interacted with in your life? Do you have the guts to take a stand and fight back? Fighting Evil scum isn’t just a job it’s a Damn right fuckin’ Adventure. So if you think you are up for the challenge then sign up. But talk is cheap here people. So don’t sign up then go fuckin’ A-wall on us, planet earth is at stake here! The fact of the matter is that there is a grave secrecy surrounding this phenomenon of Evil destruction. Open your eyes people if you have the context to hold it! It is a fact that there are evil beings hell bent on destroying our planet. Not many people seem to be doing much about it or know what the hell is going on here, but we know… Oh we know. The next battle will be anytime at any place. Do you have what it takes and will you be ready? We will see.