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Warrior up, build your cardboard costume and pre-pare yourselves for our next Battle!


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Box Wars Australia
Formed 1/26/2003

Box Wars Canada
Formed 12/12/2004

Box Wars UK & Country
Formed 10/2005





Alignment: Chaotic Good
Team: Skull Man Rockers
Rank: Rocker
Weapons of choice: Club borrowed from Captain Caveman
Best tactic: Wave of Fire
I am Rodrigo del Transito Raquio Arenas A.K.A. Ultra Jugulator. I am a multi talented artist who was born on Saturday, July 12th, 1981 under the sign of Cancer in Valparaiso, Chile. I have been living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada since September 4th of 1999. I am 27 years old. A person who enjoys life at its best and loves to celebrate my birthday with a huge party and event every year. Yeah, that's right. A very unique party animal! Woot Woot Woot! :)
Goal in life: Become the future Prime Minister of Canada or President of the Republic of Chile.
Words of wisdom: To dream is the best sensation ever, because dreamers have more. But, it's much better to make those dreams become real and enjoy them with great pleasure.
Valued traits: High level in each of the following: self esteem, energy, warmth, cautiousness, leadership, sensitivity, emotional stability, friendly, neuroticism, responsible/orderly, brightness, independence and aggresiveness. Just please, handle me with care.
Motto in life: To fall is permitted, to rise is mandatory.
Metal, Punk, New Wave, Classic Rock, Opera, Classical Music, Industrial, Alternative, Pop, Dance, Disco, Italo Disco, New Wave, Retro, Techno, Trance, Drum and Bass, Old school Rap, etc.
Transformers, Scarface, Grindhouse, American Me, Blood In Blood Out, Pink Floyd the Wall, Saving Private Ryan, Pan's Labyrinth, The Butterfly Effect, Forrest Gump, Rocky, Blood Sport, Never retreat never surrender, Anime movies, Spiderman, Batman, Speed Racer, any Tarantino and Rodriguez movies, etc.
Hobbies: -Computer Graphic Arts & Graphic Design -Artwork, Tattoo, Logo, Web design -DJ a.k.a. DJ Ultra J -Computer Maintenance (Hardware & Software) -Photography and Video Production -Spanish lessons and translations -Security Services -Vocalist, founder and manager of Corporate Riot, Extreme Metal band from Toronto, Canada. -Spend time with my girlfriend Andrea Douglas, my family, friends and my turtles Amanda and Freddie Raquio. -Skullman's Boxwars warrior for the Rockers team. -Drawing and home graffiti. -Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band 2 player. -Arcanist warrior Massacra666 (Check out the game Arcanists at -Music collector (cds, vinyls, tapes, shirts, etc.) Concert souvenirs collector (guitar picks, drumsticks, fliers, etc.) -Movie collector -Toy and game collector -Working out -Tae Kwon Do -Boxing
Freaky fact: Every time I hear a loud beep in my left ear, it means that the grim reaper or any sort of danger is nearby.
Weirdest experience: Found some kind of gorillas in a scout excursion back in Casablanca, Chile in the year 1990. The weird thing is, as far as I know, we don't have apes in Chile.