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Warrior up, build your cardboard costume and pre-pare yourselves for our next Battle!


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Box Wars Australia
Formed 1/26/2003

Box Wars Canada
Formed 12/12/2004

Box Wars UK & Country
Formed 10/2005





Building a costume for Skull Man's Box Wars can be challenging. Not everyone is up for the task and some are more skilled than others. Here are some tips to help you get started, along with some rules of what you can and can’t build.
Skull Man and Jason the Argonaut approve all costumes and weapons before every battle. If you are not sure about your costume or weapon then save yourself some trouble and email us at, and ask before you build.
All costumes must be built using cardboard and tape. Glue, string, rope and papers are also allowed if needed but the majority of your costume must be cardboard. No other materials are allowed to be used.
Any style of cardboard can be used. Any thickness is fine, but try to remove any sort of naming, or advertisements. You can cover it with tape or paint if you wish. Also, you must remove all staples (if any) on the box. It must be clean cardboard.
Duct Tape is best, but any kind of tape is fine that does not have a sharp edge. This Silver tape to your right is BANNED as of 12/2008.
Glue may be used to join together bits of your costume, but tape is generally better at reinforcing stuff.
Tubes are good to use for handheld weapons. You can use any style of tubes as long as they are not too hard.
You don't have to, but are encouraged to paint your costume. If you are part of a team please note the team's colors so that you fit in.
Wear clothing that you are comfortable to battle in, like sweat pants or jeans. Cloth can be used to personalize your costume to a degree. Cloth can not interfere with your costume by reinforcing it from the outside. Cloth can not be attached to the neck but can hang from ones wrist or waist to the length above ones kneecaps. Example: Capes are ok, but cannot be around the neck. You can attach them to your shoulder pads, and they cannot be below your knees.
Masks are also allowed. They can be cardboard or store bought.
Your armour class depends on what kind of costume you build. What you build will categorize what degree you will be in.
A minimal chest plate and 1 weapon. This is the bare minimum you are allowed to bring out. Sample 1
More of a chest plate, 1 weapon, arm gauntlets, helmet with optional shield. Click on more examples of minimalists. Sample 1
Heavy-duty chest plate, large weapon or 2 weapons at once, arm/leg gauntlets with a helmet or mask. Sample 1
Large costume that covers whole body on a bulky degree and any sized weapon in each hand. Sample 1
Consists of 2 people being the legs and 1 person being the upper body. The 2 legs are covered in cardboard from head to toe and hold up the third person in the middle as the upper body. 2 large weapons are appropriate. Sample 1

Banned Weapons:

May 17,2009
All roped weapons and morning stars are now banned from the Skull Man Box War chapter due to safety reasons as of May 17, 2009. See example here.

Weapon Building Regulations:

Tube thickness for weapons can be between 4-5 millimeters thick and must not exceed those measurements. Tubes are also allowed in ones armour that can be any size thick.

Layered weapons can be between 4-5 centimeters thick and must not exceed those measurements.

Weapons MUST be made of cardboard materials only, just like your armour. Absolutely no wood, metal or anything sharp. The purpose of your weapons is to destroy your opponents costume and to look AWESOME. Below are some examples.
Is a weapon that is wicked.
Sample 1
Is a weapon that is large and awesome. Sample 1
Is a weapon that is big and incredible on a large bulky degree that takes 2 hands to wield because it is BIG TIME!
Sample 1
BATTLE AXE OF DOOM: This is usually a double- handed weapon that imposes doom and destruction upon your opponent. Sample 1
WAR HAMMER Of METAL: Can be big or small. Built with a tube and a heavy- duty box at the end. This can be a single or double-handed weapon. Sample 1
A Mace can be reinforced to inflict good damage, it can be built with minimalist standards with a simple tube and box. Sample 1
A Sword can be crafted by the finest of cardboard or tubing, single or double- handed. Sample 1
A Stick Boa is a long peace of rolled up cardboard or tubing that resembles a stick or pole. They are better then nothing. Sample 1
A bootalazy weapon is something that you spend no time or effort making, but it’s better then nothing. Sample 1
Check out Skull Man’s Armoury for more on Building tips.