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Warrior up, build your cardboard costume and pre-pare yourselves for our next Battle!


We have no events at this time.


Box Wars Australia
Formed 1/26/2003

Box Wars Canada
Formed 12/12/2004

Box Wars UK & Country
Formed 10/2005





How old do I have to be in order to play?
You have to be of the legal age of 18 years old.
Why is that?
Why is that, it's because that is the fuckin' way she goes in the Skull Man chapter. It is also a legal thing.
How do I participate?
What you need to do is follow our rules and regulations for building and battling. Build yourself a cardboard costume and weapon then come on out to our next public battle, sign up and have fun.
What is the difference between a public battle and a booking or special event?
Public battles are open to people of the public that want to come out and participate. Bookings and Special Events are only open to chossen Box Warriors and mailing list subscribers. These battles are put on in more of a performance art style with an audience present. The rules of building and battling remain the same. Special events are events we are at promoting Skull Man's Box Wars or we are somewhere doing a TV appearence. Most are open to the public, others are only open to select Box Warriors and mailing list subscribers.
Hey I want to come out and participate in your next booking or special event, what do I do?
Best thing is to email us and ask